New startup akirolabs launches to shape the future of procurement

DPW caught up with Detlef Schultz, former CEO of the Vodafone Procurement Company and Michael Pleuger, former Senior Partner at Roland Berger and KPMG to talk about their new startup akirolabs and how it helps procurement organisations drive more value beyonds savings.

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Meet the founders of akirolabs

Detlef Schultz

akirolabs enables procurement's strategic role as a powerhouse of information and value chain orchestrator.

Michael Pleuger

akirolabs will boost savings and value beyond savings by providing an industry-proven, world-class strategic procurement toolkit, amalgamated into an intuitive and AI enriched collaboration workflow generating more effective insights and foresights into your business.

Tim Ergenzinger

Our earlier deployments have delivered the proof of concept for akirolabs – it is now our ambition to bring akirolabs to global scale. 

Christoph Floethmann

akiro is Esperanto for procurement – the universal world language. In our labs we develop the future of procurement together with our global clients.

About akirolabs

akirolabs is the AI-enabled collaboration platform for strategic procurement that enables CPOs and their teams to create unprecedented competitive advantage by moving from insight to foresight and guiding the business through risks and opportunities.

Learn more about akirolabs at 


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