[DPW VODCAST]: Procurement Operating Model

In this DPW Vodcast, former CPO of Mars and senior procurement advisor Pat Mitchell shares his thoughts on the concept of procurement operating model.

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Pat's three takeaways from this Vodcast

  • We should challenge ourselves to define operating model and I suggest it’s a tougher challenge than you think
  • Expectations for procurement are forcing operating maturation faster than our readiness
  • Digital augmentation has an important place in the operating model and therefore in procurement’s value proposition success

Guest Expert

Pat Mitchell
Former CPO, Procurement Sr. Advisor

Pat brings a unique blend of broad experience with deep functional expertise to clients looking to transform and mature their procurement operating model. He is an experienced senior executive, having served in several corporate leadership roles, as well as a seasoned advisor, having consulted companies and their leaders as they consider transformational opportunities in the procurement space. Pat’s hands-on experience includes leading the development and implementation of global procurement operating models for some of the world’s best-known consumer companies over the past several decades. More recently, he has been helping companies realize procurement’s full potential by applying his experience and expertise to decompose and resolve challenges when procurement depth and breadth are required. For more than 30 years, Pat has been a strategic partner, a creative leader, and a spirited coach and mentor at the companies where he has worked and the companies he has advised. 

Pat can be reached at patrick.mitchell@pdmitch.com


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