[Interview] Partnering to drive digital transformation in procurement

Globality and Aquanima, a Santander Company, sign agreement to enhance the digitalization of its procurement processes

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On March 23, Aquanima, a Santander company and provider of global procurement services for Santander and other customers, announced a new partnership with Globality to enhance the digitalization of its procurement processes and to reinforce its value proposition. DPW spoke with the Global Head of Aquanima Jorge de la Vega and Globality Chief Platform Officer Diego Barilla about how the companies are working together to transform the future of procurement and how services are sourced globally for Santander and other customers.

DPW: Why is this partnership different and how does it accelerate Aquanima’s vision for services sourcing?

De la Vega: We have been talking about digital transformation in the procurement field for a long time. At Aquanima we have been taking steps towards digitalisation over the last few years and this partnership with Globality finally allows us to show what it looks like in practice, facilitating self-service procurement and bringing increased agility and efficiency to our teams. Additionally, we can achieve this transformation without losing any visibility or control. In fact, this new self-sourcing model will actually help us reinforce the compliance aspect of our procurement process. At the same time, I believe that the most important change is that it will allow us to focus on the most strategic aspects of the procurement process and, as part of that, to work more closely with our users and stakeholders, helping solve their biggest challenges and adding value across their businesses.

DPW: How is AI changing how Aquanima sources services?

Barilla: Our AI-powered Platform and intelligent advisor will enable Aquanima’s teams to make faster, more effective, and more informed sourcing decisions. They will be able to utilize AI, together with natural language processing technology, to search for the best suppliers quickly and easily across every service category.

This collaboration with Globality and the commitment to a model that facilitates self-service procurement and self-sourcing brings increased agility and efficiency.

- Jorge de la Vega, Global Head of Aquanima

De la Vega
: The way in which we interact with the people we buy from is going to change. AI will make it much easier for our stakeholders to define the overall process, and it is going to guide them to make decisions in a much more efficient way, with the help of our Aquanima teams. We are going to start across consulting, legal, and human resources and gradually add more categories and facilitate this interaction with suppliers. Thus, I think that the way in which people buy from Aquanima is going to be transformed.

DPW: And how will this transformed experience enable Aquanima’s team to increase its value for its stakeholders?

Barilla: AI-enabled strategic sourcing is a powerful solution that will enable Aquanima’s people to focus on what they do best—helping their business partners at Santander and the other customers they work with—to drive maximum value out of the procurement process. AI does the heavy lifting in the background and takes care of the repetitive tasks that Aquanima’s people don’t need to worry about any longer, so they can focus on working with their suppliers to create strategic partnerships and drive top-line growth.

De la Vega: As we have been saying, the future of Aquanima is one of digital transformation. The evolution of our procurement function toward a more strategic vision, one that allows us to increase collaboration by reinforcing our value contribution to the user, will help us achieve this goal.

Click here to learn more about the Globality and Aquanima partnership. 


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