How do you define Digital Procurement?

Everyone defines Digital Procurement differently...

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The word "Digital" means many things. To some this is only about coding and tech, to others this includes e-commerce and tools. To me the word best resonates with the shift in the mindset, a different way of thinking and doing things. 

When applied to Procurement, how would you define Digital Procurement? Why is it different from from "vanilla", "legacy" or "traditional" Procurement? Is it only a #procuretech? Must it include cultural elements, operating model, connected tools, data? 

Slav Vasilevski

Digital Procurement Advisor, Digital Procurement World

I am a Procurement strategist with multiple years of practice in various domains. I specialise in Procurement Digital Transformation, legacy vs newtech comparison, new procurement value creation. I am an expert in business modelling, large commercial deals negotiations, multi-year saving programs, procurement strategy design, advice on legacy and procurement technology, individual and team development and coaching
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