DEMO 2021- New Competition Categories Announced

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DEMO is DPW’s path-breaking competition bringing together the world’s most disruptive procurement startups for a live online battle.

DEMO 2021 is open to startups that meet the following criteria:

  1. Your company has been operating no earlier than 2016
  2. You have to have an existing product or an MVP
  3. Your product must fall into one of the DEMO 2021 categories

Key dates

  • Open for applications worldwide - 15 March
  • Application deadline expires - 30 April
  • 20 semifinalists announced - 19 May
  • Semifinalists pitches - 8 & 9 June
  • 10 finalists announced - 10 June
  • Grand Finale & 5 DEMO 2021 winners announced - 16 September

DEMO 2021 Categories

This year, there will be five categories for the pitch competition. Startups are allowed to apply for more than one category.

Automation and Efficiency
This category highlights technologies that automate and streamline the procurement process and manual, repetitive tasks to increase efficiency, lower related operating costs, reduce errors, and improve the experiences of everyone involved in the processes. In addition, procurement professionals can move into higher-value work such as category management and analysis.  

Supplier Value
This category acknowledges and reinforces the principle that suppliers are a critical source of business value and not just a category of business spending that needs to be reduced. Technologies in this category unlock value from suppliers to improve performance, quality, innovation, and collaboration.

Cost Reduction & Savings
This category supports the implementation of emerging technologies that address all or part of the procurement process with the aim of generating measurable bottom line savings. These technologies also address savings made through negotiation of contracts, administrative and operational process improvements, and the intelligent use of data.

Risk and Resilience
Technologies in this category make risk assessment and due diligence part of the procurement process. They help procurement organisations understand risk, manage and mitigate it, and build robust supply chains, both upstream and downstream, that can weather disruptions with minimal impact and stay resilient. 

This category showcases technologies that embed corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles into the procurement processes. Focused on three key impact areas - environmental, social and economic responsibility - these technologies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the company’s sustainable procurement activities from human rights issues to carbon emissions.

Register your interest for DEMO 2021

Application will open soon. Register your interest here and we'll reach out to you when application opens. 


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