Challenge: Market Intelligence

We are looking for solutions to drive real time market, category and supplier insights and analytics to support decision making

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The Challenge

Our customer was looking for a technology provider that can provide real-time market, category, and supplier insights and analytics to support decision making.

To enable this, they aimed to enhance market intelligence capabilities in the following focus areas:

  • From a Human Intelligence portfolio to a combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence
  • From a reactive to a more proactive approach
  • Supplier insights like business profile, financials, KPIs, risk information and product innovation
  • Market insights like trends, drivers, innovation, key player, risk, regulatory changes, PESTLE analysis and competitor analysis


Some of the customer's goals were (these may not all be addressed by one solution):

  • Push insights to users in near real time
  • Better support business decision making
  • Allow for a seamless user experience as well as self service
  • Consolidate relevant information from multiple sources
  • Proactively source market and supplier insights
  • Connect Roche teams in different locations
  • A procurement function that is equipped with knowledge, insights and intelligence to manage the supply ecosystem

Shortlist of Solutions

Broad market intelligence solutions: Multi-market intelligence and insight:



GlobalData is a business Intelligence firm with industry specialisations that include the
Pharmaceutical industry. 

The unique combination of vast market data and deep sector analysis. Get essential

information when you need it.

Always-on enterprise intelligence. Monitor and understand the companies that matter to you.

Revolutionizing how enterprises make sourcing decisions by using Artificial Intelligence.

M-Brain’s hybrid model combines proprietary technology and human intelligence to optimally
collect, filter, analyze, and package information. 

Niche player or emerging solution: including trends like risk, sustainability and social listening:



We collect and validate supplier data and mitigate risks globally. This data-driven insight

builds more secure, sustainable, better performing supply chains.

Kodiak Rating's client organizations manage supply chain risks, reduce their total cost of ownership, and facilitate collaborative innovation with suppliers.

InnovationCast goes beyond usual Idea Management approaches, by fully supporting your company in the development, execution and monitoring of innovation opportunities and projects.

Selected for Innovation Pilot

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