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Digital procurement transformation is messy, confusing, and it’s hard. There is a need for diverse perspectives from topic experts who understand the unique challenges associated with leading digital procurement at the top of a large company.

DPW100 has been developed as a community to help procurement organisations get from digital strategy to execution faster. It is designed to promote innovative thinking, challenge conventional wisdom, and develop new ideas about the future of procurement.

DPW Expert is a platform for thought leaders like yourself to share your expertise, impact your industries, and represent the DPW brand. As a DPW Expert, you’ll build credibility by being published in DPW100 and outside of it.

Our expert members are a small, select group of people, vetted by DPW. Our experts have proven expertise in their fields (evidenced by published articles, talks, citations in the media, etc.) and agree to contribute to and participate in the activities of the DPW community on a regular basis.

What benefits do I get as a DPW Expert member?


Become known as an expert in your field

Share your expertise, impact your industries, and represent the DPW brand. As a DPW Expert you’ll build credibility by being published in DPW100.

DPW may reward experts with additional visibility benefits such as invitations to participate in webinars and virtual roundtables, and contribute to featured posts for publication on, DPW's main homepage which receives more than 5,000 unique visitors a month.

Experts are also considered as speakers for DPW’s annual flagship conference.


Visibility + Trust = Big Opportunities

It’s true, it does take time to create and publish expert content, but it’s worth it. That’s why the DPW Expert team guides our expert members every step of the way to streamline the process of getting your ideas onto the DPW platform.


Of C-suite executives will pay a premium to work with a company that publishes thought leadership over one that doesn’t


Of C-suite executives shared their contact information after consuming thought leadership


Of decision makers report that consuming thought leadership improves their respect for an organization

Source: LinkedIn B2B University

Examples of how experts can contribute


Share insights with minimal time commitment

DPW Expert Panels are the easiest way to get published regularly with minimal time commitment.

Every month, we pose questions tailored to your industry. These open and close on a rolling basis so everyone gets a chance to chime in. Questions can typically be answered in three to five sentences – less time than it takes to compose a tweet!

Once you’ve submitted an answer, the DPW content team chooses diverse answers to publish in a roundup-style post that includes contributor headshots.


Share 5-15 min video expert insights

Experts can record and publish their own video insights directly to the platform, and publish directly to rooms or channels. No need to install special software. If you have a webcam, you’re all set.


Write full-length articles

Create a post in minutes with our Intuitive editor.

The main guidelines for a DPW Expert article are simple. Your article should be:

700–800 words (approximately)

Previously unpublished

A business-related article that is free of selling, promoting, vendor recommendations, politics, and religion


No time to write? Our team can help

We have an editorial team for members who have the inspiration and knowledge but not the time. For an additional cost, you’ll have access to our team of content strategists and writers to turn your expert insights into expert articles and saving you more of your most valuable asset — time. Your articles will be ready to shine.


Wear your DPW Expert membership with pride

Being an expert member of DPW means you’ve got the topic expertise others want to hear about. DPW has selected you to represent their brand. Share our partnership online by including your member badge in email signatures, on your website, and on your LinkedIn profile.

Then take advantage of your Expert Profile page by customizing it with information about yourself and your company. Your custom page ranks high in search results for your name and includes your executive and company bios; your areas of expertise and skills; and links to your social profile and website so visitors can connect with you directly.


Increase your visibility and credibility through your DPW Expert profile

Your custom profile on ranks high in search results and features your professional bio, company description, areas of expertise, published content, and links to your social media and website – directing visitors straight back to you.