Get from digital strategy to execution faster

DPW100 is an application-only community for senior-level technology executives in procurement.

Members are respected tech leaders and executives in charge of digital procurement transformation and implementation. Membership is exclusive, by application only, and limited to only 100 companies.


What makes DPW100 so unique?

Experts are front and center. At the cornerstone of the community is the access to curated trailblazing experts on-demand who have huge volumes of knowledge that is not as easily accessible or discoverable, and a network of trusted and vetted cross-industry peers who understand the unique challenges associated with leading digital at the top of a large company.

Focus on the “how” of digital procurement. The “why” of digital procurement transformation is easy, the “how” is difficult. DPW100 is a place to help companies get from strategy to execution faster, with experts and content that help them deliver it.

Diversity of the community. DPW100 members represent a core pillar of DPW’s multi-stakeholder community that has been developed to drive more diversity of thought focusing on leveraging experiences that combine traditional wisdom with modern knowledge and new ways of working.

Digital experience is human-driven and Netflix-like. Digital experience matters more than ever. The DPW100 platform was designed around the human experience providing a simple, intuitive and user friendly interface.

DPW100 members-only benefits


Discover new ideas and discuss critical issues with the world’s leading digital experts

Members gain access to a vetted diverse network of experts, disruptors, and game-changers and our multi-stakeholder community that has been developed to drive more diversity of thought focusing on leveraging experiences that include new perspectives and outside-the-box ideas. With DPW100, you can get answers to your most pressing business questions from a network you can trust.

Example of DPW Experts:

Gary Nuttall
Blockchain Expert

Alejandro Basterrechea
Digital Procurement Expert

Martina Buchhauser
Sustainability Expert

Pieter Paul van Oerle
Open Innovation Expert


Expand your knowledge and expertise

The global leaders of DPW100 members are invited to participate in:

DPW’s annual flagship conference, the most influential tech event of the global procurement industry.

Virtual roundtables that complement the experience of the annual conference by bringing the interactive small-group dimensions to the forefront.

Invite-only sessions with the Procurement Technology Pioneers, a global community of startup and growth-stage companies focusing on new technologies and their opportunities as well as their impact on the global procurement landscape.


Enhance your events experience

DPW100 members enjoy exclusive year-long access to our engagement platform, a trusted digital space to access content, videos, insights and interact virtually with other executives and our experts to exchange ideas and insights.

  • Find and message your peers and our experts in a secure environment to build your own network
  • Participate in live sessions remotely and access them on demand year-round
  • Discover new ideas and discuss critical issues with the world’s leading experts

Increase your visibility and credibility through your executive profile

Your custom profile on ranks high in search results and features your professional bio, company description, areas of expertise, and links to your social media and website – directing visitors straight back to you.


Discover and evaluate leading emerging technologies to help solve your technology challenges

DPW100 members are not reliant on analysts and RFP processes. They receive full access to our fast-growing directory of emerging technologies and our vendor rating program which allows our members to gain feedback on solutions from our trusted community of professionals that share the same goals and are responsible for driving similar results for their companies.