The mission-based ecosystem for digital procurement

Our mission

DPW has grown from a single 500-person conference in 2019 to a network of true global magnitude with diverse players bound by one shared mission: To unlock the true power of procurement through excellence in digital.

Our story

  1. DPW Founder Matthias Gutzmann decided to start DPW, to help procurement organizations with digital transformation
  2. We launch DPW Conference, described as “the best new procurement event in years”.
  3. We launch ScoutLab to help procurement organisations execute collaborative innovation opportunities with pioneering startups
  4. We launch DEMO, the largest startup pitch competition in procurement.
  5. We launch DPW100, an application-only community for senior-level technology executives in procurement.
  6. DPW Conference goes fully virtual to deliver an immersive digital-first experience.

“I founded DPW in the belief that the procurement industry today is too siloed and requires a broader group effort and more diversity of thought focusing on leveraging experiences that combine traditional wisdom with modern knowledge and new ways of working.”

- Matthias Gutzmann, Founder of DPW

Our three strategic pillars


We are bringing together an incredible and diverse network of startup founders, investors, business leaders and academia to collaboratively tackle industry-wide challenges.


We are creating new inspiring formats fostering collaboration and innovation like DEMO and DPW Hackathon - events unlike any others in the industry.


We are helping organizations test new solutions and access innovative business models and industry trends through potential packed collaborations at scale.


What CPOs are saying

A laboratory for new ideas.

- Ninian Wilson,
CEO, Vodafone Procurement Company

The most effective way to stay on top of digital procurement.

- Henrik Larsen,
CPO Maersk

An exciting and much needed ecosystem for procurement.

- Michelle Baker,
Head of Services Thomson Reuters